Tin Cups Wines Smooth Red


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Tin Cups Smooth Red is a deep, red wine with a fruit-driven bouquet and hints of dark spice. The nose of this wine offers an enticing combination of fruity aromas and subtle spicy notes. The deep red color indicates its richness and intensity, while the bouquet adds an additional layer of complexity to the wine.


On the palate, Tin Cups Smooth Red is a medium-bodied wine that delivers a delightful array of berry flavors. The wine offers a smooth and fruity taste profile, making it a highly enjoyable and easy-drinking option. The low tannin structure ensures a gentle mouthfeel and enhances the overall smoothness of the wine. With its balanced flavors and medium body, this wine is versatile and can be enjoyed on various occasions.

Serving Suggestion

Tin Cups Smooth Red is a wine that can be savored in different settings. Whether you’re unwinding at home or hosting a casual dinner with friends, this wine is an excellent choice. Its approachable and fruit-forward character pairs well with a range of dishes, including grilled meats, pasta dishes, and cheese platters. Consider serving it at a slightly cool temperature to enhance its refreshing qualities.

Technical Notes

pH 3.48
ACIDITY 5.85g/l

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Tin Cups Smooth Red is a medium-bodied, deep red wine with a fruit-driven bouquet, hints of dark spice, and a low tannin structure. Enjoy its smooth, easy-drinking nature, abundant berry flavors, and versatile pairing options.

Tasting Notes

Colour Bouquet Palate
Rich, red colour Lots of chocolate and ripe plum flavours on the nose complemented by dark fruit & ripe red berries. The chocolate and red berry flavours carry through on the palate. This fruity wine is well balanced with good tannin structure

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